Sunday, October 31, 2010

*** Early Holiday giveaway ***

Hello everyone,

Holidays are just round the corner and I am sure you all must have a shopping list getting going by now. I have !!! :)
I just can't wait for the holidays to begin; it is the time of the year to eat a lot, shop a lot, and just have fun and be happy with the family.
So how about celebrating the season with a nice giveaway?

For the giveaway this time, I chose an autumn themed earring so we can soon kinda bit farewell to fall and welcome the winter.
The earring is a lucite fall leaf bead with a tiny bellflower flower bead attached to it. it is very lightweight and very focal too.
Here are the pictures below...

Do you like it? So what are you waiting for? Enter in this giveaway right now !!!
And here is what simply you have to do:

1. Visit my Etsy store and comment back saying which item you like the most and why. (Mandatory Entry)

2. Follow my blog.
(Mandatory Entry)

3. Visit my facebook page and "Like" my page.
(Optional Entry)

4. Blog about this giveaway in your blogs/website where applicable.
(Optional Entry)

5. Follow me on my Twitter
(Optional Entry)

Giveaway will run for 3 weeks and will end Nov 22nd 2010 at midnight PST. Winner will be picked by and will be announced on Nov 23rd 2010. An email will be sent to the winner and a post will be published as well. So participants, please make sure you comment your email address in this post.

Have fun and good luck everyone !!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time to announce the winner of CSN giveaway

Hello everyone

Sorry I am a bit late in posting about the winner of the $35 gift certificate from CSN Stores giveaway but here it is finally. Applicants, sorry to keep you waiting this long, but we a winner now....

The winner is: Rich and Mallory
She commented:

I would love this stool for our breakfast bar!!

Congrats Rich and Mallory, you will receive an email from me with a coupon code and you can start shopping right away !!!

Thanks to the rest for participating and guess what., stay tuned coz there is another giveaway coming up soon !!!

Have fun and n joy !!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hurray it is giveaway for $35 gift certificate at CSN Stores

Hello my readers,

It is time for another fun giveaway and this time we are entering for cool, chic bar stools for our homes !!!
CSN Stores, one of the top online retailers for office and homes are giving away a $35 gift certificate for any of their site.
Did you know CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need whether it be a stylish handbag, a chic bar stool or even cute cookware!

Check out these cool pictures:

How do you enter for this awesome giveaway? It is very simple, here is what you have to do.

1. Follow this blog and post a comment saying you are a new follower. (1 point mandatory)

2. Visit CSN stores' and post the link of an item you would love to have in your home. (1 point mandatory)

3. Spread the word on this giveaway in your blog/facebook page/twitter and post the link here as a separate comment. (additional entry point)

4. Visit my facebook page and become my fan (additional entry point)

Giveaway will run for two weeks and will end on 10/21/2010 mid night PST. The winner (picked by will be announced the next day 10/22/2010

Enjoy everyone and good luck !!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My vacation in a net shell people !!!

Hello my readers,

I am so sorry for not being an active writer over the last few days. You see I finally took a vacation after a long long time. My husband and I really needed a nice long break from our busy lives. So considering it is fall, we decided to go to Aspen, CO which is called the Switzerland of US and indeed it is !!!!

It is a beautiful place and those who haven't visited the place yet or have visited only in winter for skiing, you should definitely try going there in fall. And I will show you why by sharing some awesome pictures taken from my simple camera.

The best way to get to Aspen is to fly to Denver and drive there. There is a scenic route from Denver called the Independence Pass that takes a little longer to reach Aspen but it is totally worth it. You should drive that way at least one way of your trip. The other shorter route that takes only 4 hours is the I-70.
Aspen is a small town but has really cute shops and restaurants. I would suggest you stay at a place called Snowmass Village a little further from Aspen, it is simply beautiful there.

Anyways here are the pictures: Enjoy them people and have a great day !!! If you have any questions about my trip just post a comment and I will respond.

Maroon Bells. A must visit place. This is the most photographed place in North America

This is a view from the Independence Pass. The elevation here is 12000 feet. Isn't it just wow..

Independence Pass again.

Snowmass Village, CO

Finally, the colors !!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Designs with pearls

I call Pearls as women's best friend after diamond of course :)) It has been popular since a long time.. for many many years actually where the queens and kings of the yore had them in their jewelry closet..
Obviously those are the purest form of pearls which are not very abundant and affordable today.

Then came cultured pearls where the pearl is actually grafted and are a lot less expensive than natural pearls. I just love those..
I would pounce on freshwater pearls the moment I see them :))

My another favorite form of pearls are actually GLASS pearls which are not pearls. They are made of glass that is coated with nacre, the same material that coats a genuine pearl. I use them a lot in my jewelry designs since they give it has nice glow and are available in various colors. Plus they are a lot cheaper than the cultured ones. Swarovski probably has the best of these and if you plan to buy glass pearls I would suggest you buy the Swarovski ones....

So anyways I just wanted to write a few lines about Pearls and also show off some of my latest designs on them so here they are !!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

** Winner of Aug 12th Giveaway **

Hello everyone,

It is time to declare that lucky winner who won this gorgeous vintage necklace at the giveaway I hosted earlier that ended on Aug 12th.

And the winner is: Lynnette Penoro AKA Hachi

She is a 20 year old girl from Long Island, NY. Loves fashion, art, and music. Addicted to pink, Juicy Couture, Chanel, Hello Kitty, and all other things cute & glamorous.
Stop by her blog it is really cool !!!
Hachi, I hope you like the necklace !!! :))

Thanks to every one of you who participated, I was truly overwhelmed reading all the lovely comments by you lovely ladies. I will be hosting another contest soon so I hope to see you all again then. Till then Cya and have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


For a while I've been wanting to create jewelry that is all metal and no beads in my designs; I would actually start making one but then end up adding a pearl or so some how I got a feeling that they look bald without anything .. LOL...

So anyways, now for the first time I present to you necklace that are all metal and they do look really pretty without any embellishments or additions, what do you think?? I decided to call them "Metallic-a"
Now I like the idea so much that I can't stop.. :)) I will be posting more.... But for now check these out..

Steam punk wheel necklace

Musically yours necklace

Tick Tock Clock Necklace