Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haptree's newest blog

Haptree, my favourite blogger has a brand new blog, click here to find more details,

I follow her existing blog and I love the content she puts in them, sspecially her blogging tips and resources, they really do help,

This one I really liked:, I found it very informative and am also planning to implement some of it... I am sure you blog lovers do too !!!

Ganesh Emporium is a philanthropist now !!!

Hi Everyone,

I have always grown up around people who told me that charity is not only a noble thing to do but, what ever you give, comes back to you in more than what you need. How true it is, I have always donated money to feed the poor family back in my country, it made me feel happy that some one out there can have a meal because of me.
Today I am more than happy with what life has given me, I have a great family, amazing job, good health, what else do we want yea? :)

When I decided to open my own shop on Etsy, I also decided that any sale that I make, 10% of the sale amount I am going to donate to a charitable Institute.
So here we are, Ganesh Emporium is proud to announce that it has chosen Red Cross to donate its portion of the proceeds, And as a contribution towards helping situation in Haiti, the proceeds will go to the Haiti Relief and Development Fund

This means that if you buy anything from Ganesh Emporium, you not only make a purchase but also make a contribution to the people in need of help in Haiti !!!
Thanks to every one for reading this blog, I would like to end the post by writing a quote that I have always liked (by Erich Fromm), "Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much. "

Happy Blogging !!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Picture Perfect: Snow capped mountain view

So I decided to add one picture that I really love once every week called "Picture Perfect", and this week the award goes to.... well a picture taken by me :) a view of the snow capped mountain taken from my back yard in Southern California, thats rt, a place where we hardly get to see snow. Of course there is Big bear mountain which is like the official snow destination for the southern californians, but I never thought I would get to see snow from my own back yard...

So here it is... :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Buy one get one free earring offer

Hello Everyone,

So I recently added this great pair of earring on my shop....

but when I finished uploading all the stuff on the page, I felt like something was still missing, I checked the photos, the title and the description and everything possible. But still something looked incomplete...

When I started looking the pictures of my other earrings that I had taken earlier that day, I thought who ever owns this brown earring, MUST also have this one below...

Somehow I thought they paired well and that seem to fill the missing piece of the unknown puzzle going through my head. I had saved this earring for a "Giveaway" sometime later but then "Buy one get one free" is also a sort of a giveaway isn't it? :)
So here it is, advertised on my site, as "Buy one get one free"... Click here to check them out !!!

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