Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Post for Ganesh Emporium

This is my first Post on this blog that I created to share everything from my hobbies/interests to my shop info/updates and my designs

First something about me:
I live in a city called Mission Viejo in California (also called the Sunny California) :) and I must say the weather here is really awesome and I love living here.
I love to paint and have even taken lessons on charcoal painting and acrylic painting and man it is not a simple job... :)

I loved jewelry right from my teen days and would buy anything I liked and thought was unique. And all this while I never thought of making one till I went to a Gem Faire near my place. It was the first time I was going to the faire and I was expecting a bunch of stalls selling all kinds of precious and semi-precious finished jewelry. BUT when I reached there my jaw dropped when I saw this gigantic hall filled with small stalls selling all kinds of beads, stones, pendants, finding and many more awesome stuff.
I bought just 2 strands of beads since I had no idea what I would do with it but I couldnt resist because they were that pretty...
I decided to learn to make jewelry and I made my first necklace with the beads that I bought. :)

I got so passionate about jewelry making that I ended up making several of them, each time my pieces only getting better (atleast thats what I thought :) ) and finally "Ganesh Emporium" on Etsy was born.

Something about my Etsy shop:

Ganesh Emporium is an Online Store on (a place where you can buy and sell handmade items) that sells handcrafted artisan Jewelry.The shop aims at offering original and innovative designed jewelry that are of really good quality and moderately priced.

You can also place custom request on the shop for a jewelry to be designed by your choice and I will share the prototypes with you that you can choose from.

I hope you all like my shop and continue to visit my blog to read more about Ganesh Emporium..