Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A fun filled Summer Boutique at Irvine

Hello my readers,

I am a bit late in blogging about this but I wanted to share with you all that, Etsy artisans living in Southern California had a great time at what we called "Summer Boutique" in Irvine.

It was simple, an amazing lady Layna let us use her lovely home in Irvine to be used as a space area for a bunch of Etsians to display their goodies and pretties and have like an event/get together, basically host a "Boutique" !!!

There were different kinds of crafters from clothing artisans to hats, beach bags, jams and jewelry ones. It was a perfect blend so there was no
competition and the whole idea of this boutique apart from selling stuff was to have a good networking with other crafters,
your shop exposure and lots of learnings on how to sell.

I really appreciate Layna for her help and two other great ladies, Brooke and Kyla. Thanks to them for contacting me and letting me display my jewelry.
It was truly truly a fun filled exciting event. I was able to take a picture of me and Layna together and one more with me and my stuff.. check it out!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Product Review of Ganesh Emporium by Sarah

Hello Everyone,

Happy weekend to all and hope every one is having fun.

I wanted to share with you all the Product review done by Sarah on some of my Jewelry items. Sarah's blog SaladForBreakfast is a PR friendly site and she and her team does reviews on products and gives genuine feedback on them.

I am so happy to share the review she did for my shop and my designs, here is the link:

Not only did she blog the feedback with all the kind words but she is also hosting a giveaway for me. It is a very interesting giveaway that is coupled with fun contest, so come and check her link and participate in the giveaway !!!!

The giveaway will run till 13th June 2010 and is applicable worldwide.... Winner is gonna get this really pretty necklace...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Handmade goodness by ByYourSide

Hello Everyone,

Michele at has this regular "Handmade goodness" feature post on her blog where she picks a theme and displays items from Etsy shops that matches her theme and this time I got picked !!! yay !!!

She also has this lovely facebook page to promote her handmade items and I am her fan ofcourse!!!
I really like the way she does "link love" - a place to share artisan's links and meet more people and one of my favorite link love category is the "Handmade goodness" that she blogs.
I always wanted to get featured in it. Every time I post my Etsy link in her link love discussion tab on facebook I would always think if I will ever get picked
and one day I was so pleasantly surprised to see her email saying that my item was picked !!!

I am soo happy and thanks a lot to Michelle for that. Check out her handmade goodness blog here

Also do drop your Etsy links in her facebook discussion tab, trust me you will like it !!!

Below is a snap shot of this week's Handmade goodness: