Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ....

After a long time..................... Spotted outside my back yard =))

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fingers crossed for today...

And why? :))
Because I have booked a slot under the "Jewelry Category" of Etsy to promote my shop items, trying to boost some Page Views if not a Sale.
Among the many methods that I have tried to promote my shop, this one I am gonna try out more. And why not? it costs only 7$ a day to feature your shop in the top category that gives a lot of exposure. I have noticed several times that people literally buy this spot every day to showcase their items and it seem to have worked. Not to mention buying the spot in itself is quiet a challenge :))
Anyways I hope this Sunday turns out lucky for me and wish for somehow a magical sale to happen and so... keeping my Fingers crossed.......

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My first Etsy Treasury

Has anyone played with the treasury on Etsy? It is soo much fun, of course the difficult part according to me is to wait for the list to drop to 333.
I have been waiting for so many days to grab the 332 2nd place, I mean I would wait for the last one to expire and then if I come back a min later and it would be full again !!!!!
I think to get a spot itself is quiet challenging...

Etsy says Treasuries are not for Self Promotion and they recommend you to put only one of your items and I think it works so well because when you start to work on them you forget about the promoting aspect and naturally start using your artistic and creative skills by picking stuff from other Etsy shops to make a beautiful....treasury.....

When I got the spot I decided to make a colorful treasury because .. well.. i love colors...
So Wanna take a look at mine? Just click here

I have also taken a screen shot and attached a picture below.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March is for Madness Sale and 15 is a lucky number

Hello my readers,

What a great Sunday, It is so nice and sunny here in southern California .. a perfect weather after all the rain we had... plus the daylight savings time changes today.. I actually got up at 8 AM this morning and thought to myself, "wow it is sooo sunny at 8 today " only to realize that it was actually 9 AM !!! :))

So I finish up the morning chores and login to my Etsy shop to make some changes on the Appearance to highlight the ongoing SALE that I am having, and I thought why not spice the sale up a little bit. ??

I have 14 sales so far and I decided that my 15th Sale Buyer will not only get all the discount that is available right now BUT will also get an additional surprise gift... good stuff eh? :)
I cannot reveal what the gift is, but the buyers will Love it for sure.. I guarantee !!! :))
Note, that Clearance Items in my shop do not qualify for this program, but hey I have lots of other stuff that are almost like a steal deal.. =)

So who wants to be that LUCKY buyer??? Check my shop to explore all the goodies and get Lucky !!!

Here is a little Preview of my shop:

Have a great Sunday you guys !!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My new Vintage Collection.....

Hello Everyone,

I am back to blogging after almost 2 weeks of recovering from a wisdom teeth removal procedure.. I wonder why I recovered so slowly compared to the rest??? But I did enjoy the part where I could just ask my hubby to get me anything I want by my bed side.. :)

Well anyways, while I was trying to divert myself from the pain during the recovery process, I came up with some ideas for vintage designs for my new inventory and here it is...

My new vintage collection....

While designing them I didn't want to do the traditional vintage style so I tried to add a little newfangled touch to it...and I think I was able to achieve that balance.. but I would love for my followers to comment... :))

So N'joy exploring my shop and the new arrivals everyone AND also the BIG SALE that I have right now. 10% off all Items including the Clearance ones !!!
I call it the March madness Sale !!! =))