Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Buy one get one free earring offer

Hello Everyone,

So I recently added this great pair of earring on my shop....

but when I finished uploading all the stuff on the page, I felt like something was still missing, I checked the photos, the title and the description and everything possible. But still something looked incomplete...

When I started looking the pictures of my other earrings that I had taken earlier that day, I thought who ever owns this brown earring, MUST also have this one below...

Somehow I thought they paired well and that seem to fill the missing piece of the unknown puzzle going through my head. I had saved this earring for a "Giveaway" sometime later but then "Buy one get one free" is also a sort of a giveaway isn't it? :)
So here it is, advertised on my site, as "Buy one get one free"... Click here to check them out !!!

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  1. I love love love the first pair! So I opened your etsy shop in a new tab, but now I have to rush right over there and check it out!

  2. Thanks Rebecca !!!! There is more to come, so keep following !!! =))