Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting featured on Etsy Jewelry front page

I am sure many Etsians have had their shop featured on the front page of either or the category pages, but have you ever noticed that the slots are always FULL ???? Specially the popular ones like the home page and the jewelry page, I have been trying to get a slot on them for like forever and it was always full....

After multiple trys and almost giving up, I was finally able to find One !!! Yay, i was able to book a slot for today !!!! Feb 20th 2010. I must mention that after 2 refreshes on the showcase page after booking the slots were all GONE !!! WOW !!!

Well to think of it, why would it be available, it is offered at a very very reasonable price of $7 and it gives you the much needed exposure, and there are millions of Etsians wanting to grab it.

So on an ending note I want to say ETSY ROCKS !!!! =))

Here is the screen shot of the Featured shops on the Jewelry page on Etsy and mine is the first one you see there....

Happy Weekend, N joy you all !!!!


  1. YAY! Congrats! Who cares if others have been featured! You were!!! Keep it up!


  2. I was thinking of getting my own etsy shop but I don't know if people would actually buy from me. I guess I could always just try xD

    and congrats on being featured :D

  3. WOW... I've never thought of the work it takes for ETSY featured people. I don't have a shop - but I love all of the stuff that I find on there.

    Stopping by from SITS. Have a wonderful Sunday!