Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spearmint Sauce, the Indian way

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to post about this mint sauce that I made from home grown mint leaves. :) I am from India and so I mostly cook only Indian food at home. And Sunday is actually my cooking day where I try and experiment with stuff and my poor hubs is the victim of them :) not to mention that most of them come our pretty well.... :D :D

So anyways I get up in the morning and go to my backyard to water a few plants that we have and I see how well my mint plant has grown, They looked sooooo tempting, plus it was time for it to be trimmed too... so I took some leaves of the plant whose pic is here below....

And then get started on the sauce. Now this sauce is actually called "chutney" in the Indian language and is very popular in North India. It is extremely simple to make and here is how I made them, in case you readers want to try it out !!!

1. Take 50% mint leaves and 50% cilantro (1 cup)
2. Heat oil in a pan, add onions, red chilli - based on how spicy you want.
3. Add the leaves and fry for like 2 mins,
4. Put the mixture in a blender, add some water and 1/2 spoon of tamarind paste and Salt of course
5. Blend Blend Blend

And yay the sauce is ready !!!!!

Isn't it simple? just see how yummy it looks

I am a Vegetarian so I eat them with some veggie appetizers but for the meat lovers, here is the tip, it tastes the best with barbequed chicken as per my hubs...

N joy, and if any one try this at home let me know how it went..... Would love to hear comments

Take care every one and Happy Sunday !!!!


  1. hi ramya,
    nice to meet you! thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving your sweet comment! i love cooking and love all types of food, thus the need for a "wellness makeover" lol but indian food, yum, not such a fan of cilantro though lol stop back and make sure i'm sitll breathing anytime! lol
    shelley :)