Thursday, March 18, 2010

My first Etsy Treasury

Has anyone played with the treasury on Etsy? It is soo much fun, of course the difficult part according to me is to wait for the list to drop to 333.
I have been waiting for so many days to grab the 332 2nd place, I mean I would wait for the last one to expire and then if I come back a min later and it would be full again !!!!!
I think to get a spot itself is quiet challenging...

Etsy says Treasuries are not for Self Promotion and they recommend you to put only one of your items and I think it works so well because when you start to work on them you forget about the promoting aspect and naturally start using your artistic and creative skills by picking stuff from other Etsy shops to make a beautiful....treasury.....

When I got the spot I decided to make a colorful treasury because .. well.. i love colors...
So Wanna take a look at mine? Just click here

I have also taken a screen shot and attached a picture below.


  1. thank you so much for featuring me, I do not know how to leave a comment, but i really appreciate you including me, love the treasury and love the colors, great title too.
    Thanks again

  2. Thanks for featuring me Ramya! So flattered-so glad it's spring and we can go color crazy!!!

    Best wishes!

  3. Congrats on your first treasury! Visiting from SITS and decided to follow. If you would like to return the follow, you can find me at