Sunday, March 14, 2010

March is for Madness Sale and 15 is a lucky number

Hello my readers,

What a great Sunday, It is so nice and sunny here in southern California .. a perfect weather after all the rain we had... plus the daylight savings time changes today.. I actually got up at 8 AM this morning and thought to myself, "wow it is sooo sunny at 8 today " only to realize that it was actually 9 AM !!! :))

So I finish up the morning chores and login to my Etsy shop to make some changes on the Appearance to highlight the ongoing SALE that I am having, and I thought why not spice the sale up a little bit. ??

I have 14 sales so far and I decided that my 15th Sale Buyer will not only get all the discount that is available right now BUT will also get an additional surprise gift... good stuff eh? :)
I cannot reveal what the gift is, but the buyers will Love it for sure.. I guarantee !!! :))
Note, that Clearance Items in my shop do not qualify for this program, but hey I have lots of other stuff that are almost like a steal deal.. =)

So who wants to be that LUCKY buyer??? Check my shop to explore all the goodies and get Lucky !!!

Here is a little Preview of my shop:

Have a great Sunday you guys !!!

1 comment:

  1. Salina Kenyon, my previous giveaway winner, is also my 15th sale buyer who will be recieving a surprise gift !!!!

    Congrats Again Salina,