Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Donation from Ganesh Emporium

Last week, I, on behalf of my friends and family and most importantly my clients without whom my shop would not even exist, made a donation to Red Cross of $100 to help the needy.
It may not be a big amount but I am sure it is sufficient to help at least one person who needs to be helped.

It feels good to do charity and I encourage all my friends to do as well....

I wanted to write about it and personally Thank all my Etsy customers, my Artfire customers and my friend Mai from ShopRuche who helped make this happen.

On another note about donation, I happen to read this quote/fun joke some where online and I thought it was cute.. =))
Thought I'll share with ya'll.

"The pig and the chicken were on their way to breakfast, trying to decide what to have. When chicken said, ''Let's have ham and eggs.'' The pig then replied, ''That's fine for you, it's a small donation on your part, but it's a total sacrifice for me.''"

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  1. That is fantastic! It's so good to see people taking initiative to do good in the world. :)