Thursday, June 3, 2010

Handmade goodness by ByYourSide

Hello Everyone,

Michele at has this regular "Handmade goodness" feature post on her blog where she picks a theme and displays items from Etsy shops that matches her theme and this time I got picked !!! yay !!!

She also has this lovely facebook page to promote her handmade items and I am her fan ofcourse!!!
I really like the way she does "link love" - a place to share artisan's links and meet more people and one of my favorite link love category is the "Handmade goodness" that she blogs.
I always wanted to get featured in it. Every time I post my Etsy link in her link love discussion tab on facebook I would always think if I will ever get picked
and one day I was so pleasantly surprised to see her email saying that my item was picked !!!

I am soo happy and thanks a lot to Michelle for that. Check out her handmade goodness blog here

Also do drop your Etsy links in her facebook discussion tab, trust me you will like it !!!

Below is a snap shot of this week's Handmade goodness:

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  1. Ramya,

    How SWEET of you!! Thank you so much, it is always nice to know that people like what you do!! Your excitement is contagious and you have really made my day!!

    Thanks again for being so sweet,