Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A fun filled Summer Boutique at Irvine

Hello my readers,

I am a bit late in blogging about this but I wanted to share with you all that, Etsy artisans living in Southern California had a great time at what we called "Summer Boutique" in Irvine.

It was simple, an amazing lady Layna let us use her lovely home in Irvine to be used as a space area for a bunch of Etsians to display their goodies and pretties and have like an event/get together, basically host a "Boutique" !!!

There were different kinds of crafters from clothing artisans to hats, beach bags, jams and jewelry ones. It was a perfect blend so there was no
competition and the whole idea of this boutique apart from selling stuff was to have a good networking with other crafters,
your shop exposure and lots of learnings on how to sell.

I really appreciate Layna for her help and two other great ladies, Brooke and Kyla. Thanks to them for contacting me and letting me display my jewelry.
It was truly truly a fun filled exciting event. I was able to take a picture of me and Layna together and one more with me and my stuff.. check it out!!!