Saturday, June 5, 2010

Product Review of Ganesh Emporium by Sarah

Hello Everyone,

Happy weekend to all and hope every one is having fun.

I wanted to share with you all the Product review done by Sarah on some of my Jewelry items. Sarah's blog SaladForBreakfast is a PR friendly site and she and her team does reviews on products and gives genuine feedback on them.

I am so happy to share the review she did for my shop and my designs, here is the link:

Not only did she blog the feedback with all the kind words but she is also hosting a giveaway for me. It is a very interesting giveaway that is coupled with fun contest, so come and check her link and participate in the giveaway !!!!

The giveaway will run till 13th June 2010 and is applicable worldwide.... Winner is gonna get this really pretty necklace...


  1. WOW! That is beautiful! I am definitley going over to enter! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!