Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Designs with pearls

I call Pearls as women's best friend after diamond of course :)) It has been popular since a long time.. for many many years actually where the queens and kings of the yore had them in their jewelry closet..
Obviously those are the purest form of pearls which are not very abundant and affordable today.

Then came cultured pearls where the pearl is actually grafted and are a lot less expensive than natural pearls. I just love those..
I would pounce on freshwater pearls the moment I see them :))

My another favorite form of pearls are actually GLASS pearls which are not pearls. They are made of glass that is coated with nacre, the same material that coats a genuine pearl. I use them a lot in my jewelry designs since they give it has nice glow and are available in various colors. Plus they are a lot cheaper than the cultured ones. Swarovski probably has the best of these and if you plan to buy glass pearls I would suggest you buy the Swarovski ones....

So anyways I just wanted to write a few lines about Pearls and also show off some of my latest designs on them so here they are !!

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