Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My vacation in a net shell people !!!

Hello my readers,

I am so sorry for not being an active writer over the last few days. You see I finally took a vacation after a long long time. My husband and I really needed a nice long break from our busy lives. So considering it is fall, we decided to go to Aspen, CO which is called the Switzerland of US and indeed it is !!!!

It is a beautiful place and those who haven't visited the place yet or have visited only in winter for skiing, you should definitely try going there in fall. And I will show you why by sharing some awesome pictures taken from my simple camera.

The best way to get to Aspen is to fly to Denver and drive there. There is a scenic route from Denver called the Independence Pass that takes a little longer to reach Aspen but it is totally worth it. You should drive that way at least one way of your trip. The other shorter route that takes only 4 hours is the I-70.
Aspen is a small town but has really cute shops and restaurants. I would suggest you stay at a place called Snowmass Village a little further from Aspen, it is simply beautiful there.

Anyways here are the pictures: Enjoy them people and have a great day !!! If you have any questions about my trip just post a comment and I will respond.

Maroon Bells. A must visit place. This is the most photographed place in North America

This is a view from the Independence Pass. The elevation here is 12000 feet. Isn't it just wow..

Independence Pass again.

Snowmass Village, CO

Finally, the colors !!!!

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  1. ahh, I love it! I grew up there and now live near the ocean :) These photos take me back home :)